Safety Companies Like SafeStart Succeed In the Bay of Quinte

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Over the last 25 years, SafeStart has become a leader in human factors management and workplace safety training. SafeStart has helped thousands of companies (and millions of employees) in over 60 countries improve personal safety awareness skills in the workplace. SafeStart can help any size company in any industry—with specific examples in sectors such as chemical and petrochemical, mining, utilities, metal fabrication, construction, manufacturing, food processing, food and beverage, and milling—to reach the goal of zero time lost to injuries. While SafeStart has a global reach, training services are also available locally for Bay of Quinte companies.

SafeStart provides safety training for frontline workers and those in leadership positions through classroom and virtual training, with safety training resources and supportive materials like:

  • Workbooks
  • At-home safety kits
  • Safety posters

Once a company partners with SafeStart to provide safety training, it also has the opportunity to create more training resources collaboratively. SafeStart clients have created safety videos and murals for their workplace, flash mobs and swag.

Due to the success they’ve achieved over the last quarter century, “SafeStart is in a season of growth,” says People and Culture Manager, Cindy Wilson, who is currently recruiting for key positions from local job seekers.

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SafeStart’s success and resulting growth come from the dynamic team of 100 employees—74 of whom are located right here in the Bay of Quinte area—and their commitment to injury reduction metrics for their clients. “We don’t take responsibility for our clients’ safety success,” says Cindy Wilson. “Our clients own that. We just set the process to help them achieve that.”

How Other Companies Can Succeed Like SafeStart in the Bay of Quinte

Companies like SafeStart reach this level of success because of factors like:

Talent: The Bay of Quinte region is known for its talented and business-oriented workforce which is no better demonstrated than by SafeStart’s team. From warehouse and operations, support services and sales, marketing and product development, creative services, graphic designers, and implementation services, SafeStart’s whole team is aligned on reaching their goals. And they reach their goals often.
Culture: SafeStart has the kind of company culture that “everyone wants”, says Cindy Wilson. SafeStart prioritizes something that they call GRIF; growth, respect, innovation, and fun.

  • Employees are encouraged to seek out personal growth opportunities; “You should have the opportunities to grow in the ways that are important to you,” says Wilson.
  • “All employees are deserving of respect, dignity, and radical candor,” says Wilson.
  • SafeStart is always open to change.
  • Managers are required to spend a “fun” budget, along with a professional development budget, allowing teams to celebrate wins or bolster employees when they’re experiencing challenges

Support: The Quinte Economic Development Commission, provides tech-based companies like SafeStart with an outstanding level of support and resources.

Goals: “We save people’s lives,” says Wilson. “That makes everyone involved feel good when we receive feedback letting us know that SafeStart saved someone’s life because of the personal safety concepts learned in our training.” The goal is to always “drive injuries down, drive engagement up, and drive culture forward,” and SafeStart achieves this goal, according to co-owner and CEO, Barb Tait, since their clients typically experience a 50% reduction in injuries in the first year.

Whether you want to work with SafeStart, purchase their services, or succeed like them, saving lives is good business in the Bay of Quinte. The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides information, connections, and resources for manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte. QEDC supports the region’s businesses and entrepreneurs as well as the local workforce.