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Whether you’re visiting us from across the world or from across the Province, you will find The Quinte Region to be a welcoming place for all people, families, cultures, and languages. 

With inclusion and diversity as part of our strategic plan for the community, the Quinte Region is committed to the successful settlement and inclusion of all.  The region boasts a whole host of supports for the newcomer including ESL classes, settlement services, employment support services, volunteer opportunities, networking events, worship options, recreational amenities, group activities, and placement support.

You can even find ethnic grocers and a variety of restaurant options from across the world here in Quinte.  With a variety of skilled and unskilled jobs available, starting a career and getting settled in this community is easy. Our affordability will allow you to build a life that provides the healthy balance you want for yourself and for your family. 

The Quinte Region represents the best that Canada has to offer – from rural landscapes to pristine waterfront properties and abundant parks and trail systems, Quinte is beautiful – it’s not just our name, it’s who we are.   

We encourage you to visit Quinte Immigration Services to learn more about the resources available for you in the Quinte Region.