The Machining Center: Transforming Manufacturing Careers in Bay of Quinte

Written by the Quinte Economic Development Commission

The Machining Center, Inc. (TMC) in the Bay of Quinte proudly champions a legacy of innovation and unconventional thinking, positioning itself as a pivotal player in the regional manufacturing landscape. Established in 1988, this dynamic enterprise, now led by the husband-and-wife team of Kevin and Sarah Wolters since 2017, has undergone significant expansion, catering to diverse industries globally, including food processing, medical, nuclear, automotive, and aviation.

TMC's core offerings span the spectrum of "full service, custom machining, and fabrication," extending its expertise to research and development initiatives for local businesses. Functioning as problem solvers, TMC excels in reverse engineering, prototyping, and troubleshooting, epitomizing creative solutions. Notable clientele such as Kellogg's, P&G, APTYX, and Blommer Chocolate underscore TMC's influence in the manufacturing sector.



Working with The Machining Center is a distinctive experience, with a team of 16 employees immersed in a culture that values creativity and continuous improvement. Embracing a broad range of activities—from research and development to custom projects and maintenance—TMC invests in cutting-edge technologies to keep its workforce engaged and inspired. Employee involvement is paramount, with the recent acquisition of a laser cutter, 5-axis mill, and lathe being a collaborative decision with the team.

The Wolters actively challenge manufacturing stereotypes by fostering an employee-centric environment. A commitment to cleanliness, quality lighting, and a progressive headphone policy counteracts the misconception of manufacturing as a grimy, noisy industry. Moreover, TMC is on a mission to break gender barriers, implementing inclusive policies and language to create a welcoming workspace for individuals of all genders.

Training is a cornerstone of TMC's ethos, with partnerships with institutions like Loyalist College facilitating leadership and machinery software training. Notably, TMC recruits talent through the college, emphasizing a commitment to ongoing education and skill development.



TMC's impact extends beyond its workshop, with Kevin and Sarah taking pride in the products found in Bay of Quinte residents' homes and workplaces that bear the mark of TMC's craftsmanship. They actively engage with youth, dispelling outdated stigmas about manufacturing and promoting it as a lucrative and fulfilling career path. Social media, with TMC boasting 70,000 Instagram followers, serves as a powerful tool to showcase the excitement and innovation within the manufacturing realm.

As manufacturing careers experience a resurgence, TMC stands as a beacon in the Bay of Quinte region, demonstrating that this industry is not only cool but also integral to the community's prosperity. Kevin Wolters' message to the next generation is simple yet profound: "Look at everything you touch and think about how it's made. If that excites you, consider manufacturing."

For more insights into The Machining Center, Inc., visit their website: The Machining Center. The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) actively supports local companies in forging connections within the community.